Vico Magistretti Atollo Table Lamp 233/238

Inspired by Vico Magistretti

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37cm x 37cm x 36cm
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66cm x 60cm x 58cm
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Vico Magistretti Atollo Table Lamp 233/238
The Product The Specs
  • Replica Vico Magistretti Atollo Table Lamp 233/238
  • A definitive design classic
  • Unique abstract geometry
  • Soft and subtle light that fills a room

About the Vico Magistretti Atollo Table Lamp

The Vico Magistretti Atollo Table Lamp 233/238 has become so reconizable that its iconic circular top overshadows its exquisite functionality. But this is unfair. The Atollo Lamp is a sculpture and a work of art, but it is also an incredibly effective lamp. The mixture of steel and glass creates a powerful, yet ambient, light that will brighten up the bedside table in your bedroom or the desk in a stylish office. Available in perfect black, the Atollo Lamp is a graceful expression of everything we love about Italian design and our VOGA reproduction treats each tiny aspect of Magistretti's design with complete care.

The story behind the Vico Magistretti Atollo Table Lamp 233/238

Designed in 1977 at the peak of Italian modern design, Vico Magistretti's Atollo Lamp was an instant success. Two years after debuting it won the Compasso d'Oro and has been featured in design museums and art galleries around the world ever since. The key to its success is perhaps due to its striking balance of strength and fragility. The Atollo Table Lamp is as hard-wearing as Magistretti and his contemporaries would always demand, but also maintains a delicate, lightweight quality that is simply unlike any other design of the period, or arguably since. Also available in the original white Atollo Table Lamp and the Vico Magistretti Sonora Lamp.

  • Width: 25 cm
  • Height: 35 cm
  • Depth: 25 cm
  • Packaging: 37cm x 37cm x 36cm
  • Packaging weight: 7 kg
  • Boxes: 1
Vico Magistretti

About The Designer:

Vico Magistretti

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1920 - 2006 (Italy)

By the time Vico Magistretti was 30 he had won the Milanese Triennale, contributed to QT8 (the late-1940s experiment in social organization and urban planning) and worked as a highly respected architect in his father’s practice. Born in Milan in 1920, Magistretti’s history is permanently tied to the city of his birth and its post-war reconstruction. His willingness to blend styles and approaches, without losing a unique vision makes him one of the most distinctive figures of Italian modern design. He remains one of Italy’s most unusual designers, something particularly apparent in his industrial designs; intensely practical and always addressing the social issues he observed in Milan. Magistretti continued to research, teach, travel and design until his death in 2006.

"“There is no excuse for designing ugly things. In that sense work is always conditioned, but it is born to be conditioned, a hypothetical work seems to me to be something absolutely stupid."

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