Eileen Gray Table

Inspired by Eileen Gray

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Eileen Gray Table
The Product The Specs
  • Timeless design from 1927
  • Height adjustable and strengthened glass top
  • Designed for the E1027 Summerhouse along with the Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair

Eileen Gray E1027 Coffee Table

Timelessly beautiful, it's hard to believe the Eileen Gray E1027 Coffee Table was designed in the 1920s. Its sleek glass table top and stainless steel frame still look modern today. Our VOGA version stays true to the original both in terms of quality and functionality. The strengthened glass top is stronger and safer than regular glass and can be raised to different heights to suit your needs. The result is a stylish, versatile table that fits perfectly next to any chair or bedside.

The story behind the E1027 Coffee Table

Eileen Gray designed the E1027 Coffee Table in 1927 for the guesthouse bedroom of a summerhouse in France, which she built with her lover, Jean Badovici. The 'E' stands for Eileen. The numbers represent the positions of letter of the alphabet. So the 'J' for Jean (as it's the 10th letter of the alphabet), the 2 is the 'B' for Badovici and the '7' is the 'G' for Gray. This contemporary coffee table was designed for a specific need, but now you can enjoy its stunning design in your home.

  • Width: 50 cm
  • Height: 101 cm
  • Depth: 50 cm
  • Packaging: 55cm x 57cm x 62cm
  • Packaging weight: 8 kg
  • Boxes: 1
Eileen Gray Table
Eileen Gray

About The Designer:

Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray Table
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1878 (Ireland) -1976 (France)

Irish born, Kathleen Eileen Moray Gray was a furniture designer, architect and pioneer of the modern movement. Considering the era she lived in, this was a quite an accomplishment for a woman in a very male dominated industry. Gray was a great admirer of Charles Le Corbusier and his influences can be seen in her self-built French summerhouse, which was also named E1027.

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