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Ball Chair

Inspired by Eero Aarnio

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Ball Chair
The Product The Specs
Iconic design from 1963 Fiberglass shell and luxury cashmere interior Also by Eero Aarnio is the stunning Cognac Cup Eero Aarnio Ball Chair Possibly one of the most iconic modern furniture designs ever, the Ball Chair has graced movie screens from James Bond to Men in Black. Our Eero Aarnio-style Ball Chair stays true to the design of the original, from its distinctive shiny plastic shell to the soft cashmere interior. The actual ball is just over one metre in diameter and is positioned 51cm off the ground. It has a white casing and a choice of gorgeous interior colours. The story behind the Ball Chair The Ball Chair came into existence in 1963 after Eero Aarnio decided to make a new chair for his home. The idea behind the chair was one of the simplest geometric forms – the ball. But the results were truly remarkable. By cutting away a portion of the ball, Aarnio created a completely unconventionally-shaped chair. The curved casing provides a room within room, offering a cosy and calm atmosphere. The original version even had a telephone attached for people to make private calls. Aarnio himself stated that finding a name for the chair was easy – it is, quite obviously, the Ball Chair, though people also sometimes call it the Globe Chair.
  • Width: 102 cm
  • Height: 122 cm
  • Depth: 73 cm
  • Packaging: 113cm x 113cm x 86cm
  • Seat Height: 41 cm
  • Boxes: 1
Ball Chair Ball Chair Ball Chair Ball Chair Ball Chair Ball Chair Ball Chair Ball Chair
Eero Aarnio

About The Designer:

Eero Aarnio

Ball Chair
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1932 (Finland)

Eero Aarnio is a Finnish interior designer, who shot to fame in the 1960s with a range of innovative furniture designs. He loved working with plastics and experimenting with new and exciting shapes. His furniture designs are so iconic they border on art.

"I was a bit tired of designing the next fruit bowl or breadbasket or tray or even coffee maker or tea kettle."

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