Bestlite Wall Lamp - BL5

Inspired by Robert Dudley Best

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Bestlite Wall Lamp - BL5
The Product The Specs
  • Seminal British design from the 1930s
  • Focusses and softens light
  • Blends Art Deco and Bauhaus styles

The Robert Dudley Best BL5 Wall Lamp

Robert Dudley Best's BL5 Wall Lamp series is one of the most celebrated ranges in the history of British interior design.Blending elements of Bauhaus, Art Deco and classic English elegance in equal measure, the BL 5's sleek brass neck supports a smooth lampshade, shaped in Best's inimitable style. It is available in a number of colour finishes, meaning there is a BL 5 for any room or occasion.

The story behind The Robert Dudley Best BL 5 Wall Lamp

As heir to the world's largest lighting factory, Robert Dudley Best spent much of the 1920s updating his company's product range, and embarking on research trips to mainland Europe. After visiting the International Exhibition of Modern Design in Paris and seeing work by Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe, he decided to study industrial design in Paris and Dusseldorf. Best was heavily influenced by his friend, Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus movement that Gropius founded. He drew on this inspiration when produing the BL 5 Wall Light. This understated, but striking, piece brought energy and style to every room it hung in, making it an instant British classic.

  • Width: 77 cm
  • Height: 21 cm
  • Depth: 15 cm
  • Packaging: 61cm x 26cm x 17cm
  • Packaging weight: 3 kg
  • Boxes: 1
Robert Dudley Best

About The Designer:

Robert Dudley Best

Bestlite Wall Lamp - BL5
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1892 - 1984 (England)

Born in Birmingham, England in the late 19th Century, Robert Dudley Best was a man with lighting in his blood. As the heir to the world's largest lighting factory, he was always destined to step into the field of interior design, but his eccentricity and flair pushed his designs into a direction that few could have predicted. In the mid-20s, feeling that his company's range was outdated, he took on a major tour of Europe, visiting the Exhibition of Modern Art in Paris, where he was heavily influenced by the work of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. He would go onto study design in Paris and Dusseldorf, meeting and befriending Walter Gropius, the co-founder of the Bauhaus Movement in the process. It was Gropius who would leave a lasting impression on his work, which is present in his most famous range, the Bestlite Series.

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