Swan Table

Inspired by Arne Jacobsen

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Packaging dimensions:
54cm x 54cm x 78cm | 69cm x 69cm x 5cm
Packaging dimensions:
54cm x 54cm x 78cm | 85cm x 85cm x 5cm
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Swan Table
The Product The Specs
  • Minimalist Scandinavian design from 1968
  • Perfect accompaniment to Swan or Egg Chairs
  • Available in classic black or walnut

About the Swan Table

The simple,clean lines and functional aesthetics of Arne Jacobsen's Swan Table embrace the best of Scandinavian minimalism. The table was designed as an accompaniment to Jacobsen's famous Egg and Swan Chairs,and features the same cross base and aluminium legs. It is the ideal size and height for a sociable cup of coffee or newspaper break. Made from a perfect circle of wood,hand-painted black or in a walnut finish and suspended above distinctive legs,the A222 Swan Table is stunning addition to any living space. The chair's understated design makes it a versatile choice that can be styled as Jacobsen intended,or combined with almost any item of furniture.

The story behind the Arne Jacobsen Swan Table

In 1958,Jacobsen created the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen,one of the most famous 20th century buildings in the Danish capital. He also designed a large part of the furniture inside the hotel,including the chairs,lighting and cutlery. His iconic Egg and Swan Chairs are part of this classic collection. Jacobsen designed his Swan Table series ten years later,as an accompaniment to the Egg and Swan chair family. It was used in the hotel lobby. The series included super-elliptical,square and rectangular table tops. But it is the circular A222 version that has proved the most popular,possibly because its curves perfectly reflect the soft styling of the Egg and Swan chair designs.

  • Width: 60 cm
  • Height: 75 cm
  • Depth: 60 cm
  • Packaging: 54cm x 54cm x 78cm | 69cm x 69cm x 5cm
  • Packaging weight: 6 kg
  • Boxes: 2
Arne Jacobsen

About The Designer:

Arne Jacobsen

Swan Table
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1902-1971 (Denmark)

Arne Jacobsen was one of Denmark’s most influential modern designers and a pioneer of minimalist Danish style. Part genius, part visionary, his creations included furniture, lighting, textiles and silverware. But he is best known for his elegant yet functional chair designs, the most famous of these being The Egg Chair, The Swan Chair, The Series 7 Chair and The Ant Chair. All Arne Jacobsen products complement each other perfectly, allowing you to mix, match and create your own unique style.

“Architecture tends to consume everything else, it has become one's entire life.”

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