Voga was created to make great design accessible to all

We believe everybody should be able to own beautiful furniture

Great pieces of furniture don't need to be decorations for the wealthy. They don't belong solely in galleries and design museums gathering dust. Eight years ago VOGA brought together a team frustrated at the lack of modern designer furniture capable of matching the originals for construction and longevity.

Happy Customers Own Me
Happy Customers Own Me

So we created a new business model

By removing resellers, rejecting an expensive showroom and developing direct and long term relationships with manufacturers, we're committed to making these designs widely available and affordable once again. Advances in factory technology mean that the great furniture designs of the modern period can be produced again at a substantially lower price. Our infrastructure allows us to commit to the highest quality materials. Don’t settle for average or adequate, when legendary and timeless are within reach.

With a primary focus on great design

Our beliefs are simple. Affordable prices, high-quality constructions and a range of customizable features. Custom-made: We offer beautiful modern furniture in a diverse range of colours and materials to match any interior. High-Quality Production: We use only the materials used by the original designers. That insistence on quality construction means we can guarantee everything we produce for ten years. Affordable: We believe that with these great pieces of furniture we can bring the ideals of the designers back to the masses. So that means affordable prices.

Our Furniture

Without compromising quality in any way

Whether it is high-grade cashmere from New Zealand or premium Italian leather, our approach allows the VOGA team to source the finest materials available. Then, those materials will be rigorously tested at two points within our supply chain. Each step within the process is highly organized. We understand that the quality and durability of these products is incorporated into their very design and our teams combine decades of experience producing furniture with extensive knowledge of furniture designs. This means return to technological innovations of the past matched with the industrial processes of the future.

By people who love great design

Our team love great furniture. Part of that passion means making it available to everyone at affordable prices. From developers to designers, or copywriters to content managers, each branch of the VOGA team is committed to producing the best furniture at incredible prices. Our global family takes in diverse skills and attitudes, but we all share a love of modern furniture and the desire to see it in stylish interiors.

Voga Team