Natural materials in design


Inspiration is what makes the difference between fine and phenomenal. These designers have drawn inspiration from all corners to arrive at the most immaculate outcomes of modern architecture and designs. Their inspiration feeds an exceptional line of furniture which continues to influence modern interior design today.


The foundation to Jean Prouve's design ethic is found in his vigorous use of metal and wood. He is deeply motivated by these conventional materials, striving to build furniture with structural integrity, demonstrated undoubtedly in his simplistically defined Standard Chair. Prouve’s use of resilient materials coupled with his focus on bearing the consumer’s upper body weight exhibits the great functionality of the Standard Chair. Simple and sturdy, the Standard Chair can be utilised in the home for many years to come.

  • Standard Chair

    Standard Chair

    Inspired by Jean Prouve

    Price for original: 264 €

    VOGA price: 179 €

    Now: 89 €

  • Gueridon Table Rectangular

    Gueridon Table Rectangular

    Inspired by Jean Prouve

    Price for original: 1,838 €

    VOGA price: 1,149 €

    Now: 345 €

  • Antony Chair

    Antony Chair

    Inspired by Jean Prouve

    Price for original: 904 €

    VOGA price: 565 €

    Now: 169 €

  • Prouve Tabouret Haut Stool

    Prouve Tabouret Haut Stool

    Inspired by Jean Prouve

    Price for original: 616 €

    VOGA price: 385 €

    Now: 115 €


Isamu Noguchi elegantly fuses both his influence in industrial design and previous work sculpting to create exemplary modern design. Noguchi does not restrict his creative streak by limiting his style. His artistic background has encouraged a more experimental application of architecture. The beautifully placed glass on top of a provoking yet perfectly sculptured wooden base makes the table an immaculate addition to modern interior design.

  • Noguchi coffee table

    Noguchi coffee table

    Inspired by Isamu Noguchi

    Price for original: 797 €

    VOGA price: 675 €

    Now: 269 €

  • Cylinder Lamp

    Cylinder Lamp

    Inspired by Isamu Noguchi

    Price for original: 131 €

    VOGA price: 125 €

    Now: 49 €

  • Noguchi Cyclone Table

    Noguchi Cyclone Table

    Inspired by Isamu Noguchi

    Price for original: 1,384 €

    VOGA price: 865 €

    Now: 259 €

  • Bent Butterfly Stool

    Bent Butterfly Stool

    Inspired by Sori Yanagi

    Price for original: 184 €

    VOGA price: 165 €

    Now: 65 €


Hans J. Wegner’s commitment to natural materials resulted in the merging of fine design and functionality. Wegner’s quality contributions provided Scandinavian design with great structural value and authenticity. In discovering the possibilities and capacity of wood, Wegner was able to produce many designs for the interior space such as the impressive China Chair, the famous Wishbone Chair and the CH327 Dining Table . Furnishing the home with Wegner’s dining set will unite the family and allow the interior space to embrace organically driven scandinavian design.

  • Hans Wegner Y-Chair

    Hans Wegner Y-Chair

    Inspired by Hans J. Wegner

    Price for original: 413 €

    VOGA price: 365 €

    Now: 145 €

  • The Chair

    The Chair

    Inspired by Hans J. Wegner

    Price for original: 840 €

    VOGA price: 799 €

    Now: 319 €

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