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Designer Spotlight: George Nelson

Designer spotlight: george nelson

Emerging from the darkness of the Great Depression, George Nelson flourished as a shining American designer. Known for his innovative visions and provocative creations, his work stands as an iconic staple in the world of decor. With interests spreading into photography and humor, his craftsmanship denotes a welcoming, light-hearted feel-- combined with fine architectural panache. Essentially, his pieces create one of those “aha” moments, inspiring you to stop, stare and appreciate. As an owner of a Nelson piece, you automatically become a connoisseur of fine furniture--let’s find out why.

Get Ready For Christmas

Get ready for christmas

It’s the season of to-do lists.  As any good planner knows, the holidays are all about the gift hunting, planning and decorating— other than family and food, of course. So, with all the shopping and fussing involved, how can you make your party a success without any stress? Fortunately, we’ve compiled the ultimate furniture pieces to get you cozy for Christmas planning.

Warm Up Your Home

Warm up your home

With the snowfall at your door, there’s nothing like feeling cozy indoors. This winter, make these moments yours by filling your spaces with the latest home decor trends. 

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