White washed Interiors:
RAR Rocking, Bubble and Barcelona Chairs

White Washed Interiors

Feng Shui is the Chinese tradition of structuring a space to create harmony and tranquility in your environment. While many colours have their significance in this philosophy, the colour white represents calm and clarity, bringing balance to your home. A complete white washed interior is a liberated space for self-reflection. Colours always make a definitive impression on our livelihoods but white is actually not considered a colour. Perhaps the peaceful canvas invites and encourages us to make an informed impression on our interiors.

Retro RAR Rocking Chair

The openness of a white interior is cleansing and gives you the space to collect your thoughts in peace. Charles Eames researched into the capability of plastic, moulding it to suit body shape. The Eames brings into the light a more relevant and refined model of the familiar arm chair to your interior. Rocking on the RAR Rocking Chair, you can build the balance toward the right equilibrium for your interior.

  • Eames Rocking Chair

    Eames Rocking Chair

    Inspired by Charles Eames

    Price for original: 318 €

    VOGA price: 199 €

    Now: 79 €

  • Verner P. Panthella Floor Lamp

    Verner P. Panthella Floor Lamp

    Inspired by Verner Panton

    Price for original: 662 €

    VOGA price: 414 €

    Now: 165 €

  • Erik Buch Bar Stool - OD61

    Erik Buch Bar Stool - OD61

    Inspired by Erik Buch

    Price for original: 662 €

    VOGA price: 414 €

    Now: 165 €

Take a Break on the Bubble Chair

The Bubble Chair will help you to escape from the pressure of a long day and allow you to hang in bliss in your harmonised interior. You can customise it with cushions and blankets of your preference, creating your own feng shui for your interior. You could fix the Bubble Chair in the living room so you are immersed in conversation or up in your bedroom where you could enjoy a quiet read. The spherical shape invites you to take time out during the course of the day to enjoy the pleasure of your composed interior.

  • Componibili 2 Round

    Componibili 2 Round

    Inspired by Anna Castelli Ferrieri

    Price for original: 318 €

    VOGA price: 199 €

    Now: 79 €

  • Eames DSW Chair

    Eames DSW Chair

    Inspired by Charles Eames

    Price for original: 302 €

    VOGA price: 189 €

    Now: 75 €

  • Asterisk Clock

    Asterisk Clock

    Inspired by George Nelson

    Price for original: 182 €

    VOGA price: 114 €

    Now: 45 €

Basking in the Barcelona Chair

Mies Van Der Rohe integrated the natural world and architecture by bringing focus to the space around us. Perhaps you can continue to fulfill this notion by using his design, the Barcelona Chair and white to further extend this space in your interior. The unrestricted aspect of the colour white creates the illusion that there is more space and so combined with Rohe’s philosophy, you can sit back in the Barcelona Chair, embracing the infinite space in your interior.

  • Barcelona Chair Replica

    Barcelona Chair Replica

    Inspired by Mies Van Der Rohe

    Price for original: 3,062 €

    VOGA price: 1,914 €

    Now: 765 €

  • Scimitar table

    Scimitar table

    Inspired by Fabricius & Kastholm

    Price for original: 2,782 €

    VOGA price: 1,739 €

    Now: 695 €

  • PH Snowball Lamp

    PH Snowball Lamp

    Inspired by Poul Henningsen

    Price for original: 782 €

    VOGA price: 489 €

    Now: 195 €

  • Barcelona Stool

    Barcelona Stool

    Inspired by Mies Van Der Rohe

    Price for original: 1,582 €

    VOGA price: 989 €

    Now: 395 €

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