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Nuvola Rossa Bookshelf ash ash

Inspired by Vico Magistretti

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Our promise

  • 10 years guarantee
  • +300.000 happy customers
  • Identical to the originals

Our promise

  • 10 years guarantee
  • +300.000 happy customers
  • Identical to the originals


Iconic designs. Uncompromised quality. Impressive prices.

  • 10 year guarantee
  • +300.000 happy customers
  • Identical to the originals

The product

  • Replica Nuvola Rossa Bookshelf
  • Produced by Vico Magistretti in 1977
  • Combines multiple technical innovations of the period
  • Fully removable and customisable shelves

Vico Magistretti Nuvola Rossa Bookshelf

Vico Magistretti was a designer simply unlike any other, and the diagonally braced, folding construction of his Nuvola Rossa Bookshelf is another incomparable piece. The simple, but ultimately complex, symmetry has captivated design-lovers for decades. The form of the Nuvola Rossa Bookshelf remains unforgettable because it emerged by addressing a specific functional and space-saving issue. We produced this VOGA.com version because we love how it can be both incredibly modest, yet extraordinarily distinctive. We know the subtle light wood grain of Vico Magistretti's design will blend with any bright or bold space.

The story behind the Vico Magistretti Nuvola Rossa Bookshelf

Vico Magistretti's design practice has always focused on the city of Milan and improving the conditions of its inhabitants. The efficiency, function, elegance and affordability of the Nuvola Rossa Bookshelf is driven by this desire. Every point of innovation, of which there are many, is focused on urban life and how we can optimise our interiors for the demands of innovative city living. The problems afflicting urban centres still persist today. If it wasn't for the distinctive period hallmarks of contemporary Italian design, the Nuvola Rossa Bookshelf could have been designed yesterday. For more innovative storage options see for example the Componibili 2 Round or the Componibili 3 Round.

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The details

  • SKU : SHE010017
  • Volume m3 : 0.2469
  • Packaging Dimensions : 206 x 47 x 25.5 cm cm
  • Material : Ash
  • Colour : Ash
  • Cartons Number : 1
  • Width : 100 cm
  • Height : 39,5 cm
  • Depth : 192 cm
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About the Designer

Vico Magistretti

1920 - 2006 (Italy)

By the time Vico Magistretti was 30 he had won the Milanese Triennale, contributed to QT8 (the late-1940s experiment in social organization and urban planning) and worked as a highly respected architect in his father’s practice. Born in Milan in 1920, Magistretti’s history is permanently tied to the city of his birth and its post-war reconstruction. His willingness to blend styles and approaches, without losing a unique vision makes him one of the most distinctive figures of Italian modern design. He remains one of Italy’s most unusual designers, something particularly apparent in his industrial designs; intensely practical and always addressing the social issues he observed in Milan. Magistretti continued to research, teach, travel and design until his death in 2006.

"“There is no excuse for designing ugly things. In that sense work is always conditioned, but it is born to be conditioned, a hypothetical work seems to me to be something absolutely stupid."

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