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Perfect Day, Perfect Interior!

Different stages in the day call for different scenes of interior design. The perfect interior forms a haven in which we can thoroughly enjoy moments in the day such as having breakfast in a comfortably furnished kitchen, or perhaps unwinding in a luxuriously furnished living room following a long day. Make the most the of the perfect moments in your day.

9:00 am: Breakfast time at the Swan Table

It can be incredibly difficult to get yourself out of bed in the morning but its a good time to think about the day ahead. It would be amazing to do this enjoying a beautiful breakfast at the elegant Swan Table, giving you space to look forward to starting the day with positivity. Also, with the Snowball Lamp providing controlled lighting, it will put you in the mood to relax and enjoy your morning in the the fine ambiance of your interior space.

  • PH Snowball Lamp

    PH Snowball Lamp

    Inspired by Poul Henningsen

    Price for original: 782 €

    VOGA price: 489 €

    Now: 195 €

  • Swan Table

    Swan Table

    Inspired by Arne Jacobsen

    Price for original: 1,542 €

    VOGA price: 964 €

    Now: 385 €

  • PK9 Chair

    PK9 Chair

    Inspired by Poul Kjærholm

    Price for original: 2,278 €

    VOGA price: 1,424 €

    Now: 569 €

  • Tolix Side Table

    Tolix Side Table

    Inspired by Xavier Pauchard

    Price for original: 502 €

    VOGA price: 314 €

    Now: 125 €

12:00pm: Busy at work: The Y Chair and AJ Lamp

The Y Chair and the downward facing light of the AJ Lamp, providing focused lighting is a professional combination which transforms your interior into the optimum working space. The rush of a busy day can take its toll on you and the space you’re in. The AJ Lamp and the Y Chair are both sophisticated products which will give you the space to engage in a productive day of work with ease in your professional living space.

  • Hans Wegner Y-Chair

    Hans Wegner Y-Chair

    Inspired by Hans J. Wegner

    Price for original: 622 €

    VOGA price: 389 €

    Now: 155 €

  • AJ Floor Lamp

    AJ Floor Lamp

    Inspired by Arne Jacobsen

    Price for original: 622 €

    VOGA price: 389 €

    Now: 155 €

  • Eames Office Chair EA-117

    Eames Office Chair EA-117

    Inspired by Charles Eames

    Price for original: 1,462 €

    VOGA price: 914 €

    Now: 365 €

19:00pm: Relaxing in your living room: The Egg Chair and Barcelona Bed and Serge Mouille Lamp Series

After a long and hard day at work, it would be lovely to sit back and savour a nice glass of wine on the timeless Egg Chair, a fantastic component in your living space ensuring great comfort. It would also be wonderful to lie down on the relaxing Barcelona day bed or sit and bask in good company. Your interior offers you the space to absorb and appreciate the fine moments in your day.

  • The Egg Chair

    The Egg Chair

    Inspired by Arne Jacobsen

    Price for original: 3,318 €

    VOGA price: 2,074 €

    Now: 829 €

  • Barcelona Daybed

    Barcelona Daybed

    Inspired by Mies Van Der Rohe

    Price for original: 4,262 €

    VOGA price: 2,664 €

    Now: 1,065 €

  • 2213 Three-Seater Sofa

    2213 Three-Seater Sofa

    Inspired by Børge Mogensen

    Price for original: 4,982 €

    VOGA price: 3,114 €

    Now: 1,245 €

  • Contemporary Pendant Lamp

    Contemporary Pendant Lamp

    Inspired by Serge Mouille

    Price for original: 958 €

    VOGA price: 599 €

    Now: 239 €

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