Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy

1914 - 1977 (Argentina)

Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy was one of the most influential and successful designers in the history of South American deisgn, taking inspiration from European classics and reinventing them in his inimitable 'New World' style. Born in the Argentine capital around the outbreak of the First World War, he received his degree in architecture from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1939, after spending a year in Paris learning from Charles Le Corbusier, who would have an enduring influence over his work. He would continue work as an architect and furniture designer on his homeland, producing his most famous work the Butterfly Chair, a design inspired by a classic portable European folding chair from the 19th Century, in 1940. But his big break came when Florence Knoll spotted the design while on a trip to Buenos Aires in 1947 and encouraged him to bring it to the European market, the now much-loved design was to bring Ferrari-Hardoy fame and fortune, which he would enjoy up until his death in 1977

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